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What is LoanFront?

Each day brings hundreds of opportunities to make happy memories with your loved ones.

An impromptu drive with friends can become a road trip you’ll always remember. A special gift to your father can become a keepsake that he will cherish forever. Planning a proposal to the woman of your dreams can become the story you’ll tell your kids, years down the line.

Any moment has the potential of becoming a great memory – if you let it. But sometimes, that becomes difficult to do when there are bills to pay and budgets to stick to. So you end up saying no to those opportunities and putting that trip or surprise off for another day.

Here at LoanFront, we believe that these memories are too special to be restricted by monetary constraints. That’s why, we make quick, easy loans available to you, as and when you need funds. All you need to do is download our app and complete our simple digital process – and wait for the amount to be credited to your bank.

So now, you never have to pass up an opportunity to make a moment special. Now, you can always say yes to making memories.

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How fast can I get a loan?

We get it – people usually apply for loans when they need money urgently. And in such a situation, the last thing they can do is wait for long periods of time until the money comes through.

That’s why, speed of delivery is one of our top priorities. Thanks to our fully digitised processes, we are able to come to your financial aid when you need it most. If your loan is approved, you can have the money in your account within minutes! Want to know more about the processes?

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Who can apply for a loan?

Looking to apply for a quick personal loan or hoping for some cash advance before your next payday? Let’s get you started with a quick eligibility check.

Here are our loan application criteria:

Documents required

Forget about having to dig out all your important documents.

All we need from you are:

  • A selfie
  • Your PAN card
  • Any one government ID
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter ID