Salary Advance

As a young professional, it may not always be possible to stay within a strict monthly budget. Unforeseen bills and medical emergencies may crop up when you least expect them to, and sometimes you may even be faced with a social event that you cannot (or do not want to) say no to. A salary advance can be your best bet in such situations.

At LoanFront, you can avail loans starting from ₹2,000 to ₹2,00,000, and have the approved amount in your bank account almost instantly. This means you can stop worrying about those unexpected mid-month or end-of-the-month expenses, once and for all – simply apply for a salary advance through our app to meet your financial obligations. With a short loan term starting from 15 days, you can repay the amount once you receive the next month’s salary. It’s as simple and hassle-free as that!

Who can apply for a loan?

Looking to apply for a quick personal loan or hoping for some cash advance before your next payday? Let’s get you started with a quick eligibility check.

Here are our loan application criteria:

Documents required

Forget about having to dig out all your important documents.

All we need from you are:

  • A selfie
  • Your PAN card
  • Any one government ID
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter ID

Which cities does LoanFront service?

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